It’s a SCAM! - Mango Pure Cleanse

I ordered the Mango Cleanse on line along with the sister product from the same company – Tryslim, as part of the same 4.95 free trial offer. After noticing no results whatsoever I followed the automated phone instructions to cancel. Shortly after cancelling I noticed 2 – 79.99 charges to my account so I again called the numbers to cancel. I received the package of product which I returned unopened – refused, requesting a full refund. A month later I again had 2 – 79.99 charges to my account – SERIOUSLY!

I called again but still got the automated phone system which I followed to cancel for the second time. This time I was able to find an email. I sent an email to which I received a reply informing me that I was supposed to remain on the phone line after I cancelled – WHAT!?! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT!?!

So this time I called and remained on the line and was able to speak with the rudest person I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She informed me that because I did not REQUEST a refund that I would not be able to receive one. WOW!

So they in fact had all of the product returned and I get a big fat NOTHING! She said that had I spoken with someone and requested a refund that I would have received a 75% refund. I said that I am requesting a refund NOW. She said that it was too late, that I hadn’t cancelled soon enough. I told her that I had indeed cancelled through the automated system, repeatedly. She said that they had no record of me cancelling.

I went through my bank statements and I infact have 5-79.99 charges from the company in addition to the original 2-4.95 charges. Why didn’t I think of this – I’d be rich!

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