Nothing but a front for gambling. - Publisher’s Clearing House

Nothing but a front for gambling. Plus…what the hell is it with their “Search Engine”?

This is the biggest crock! Constant “You are going to be a winner” crap. “You must search to win”. I’m really growing more and more annoyed with this crap. It’s always “play these games!!!” and then the barrage of crap phone calls from scam companies start coming in.

This is a total lie!

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When I play the slots they never quit spinning. Then I reload and not to worry, they saved my score, ZERO. How is a person supposed to have the daily high score. I can’t find a place to call to get hold of them either. If you play that search thing, It will create a lot of SPAM. Don’t use it.

I’m closing all PCH I been playing for 6 to 7 years and have not won nothing it’s say you next in line i been in line a very long time Goodbye 2017 is set January 1


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