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I purchased a new notebook, and was unable to connect to my existing network which was accessible with my current laptop. I contacted 1-800-896-8394. I was told by
*Robert* with a foreign accent, my system had been hacked. He told me I would not be able to access the new notebook, until he fixed the problem. He also told me that had I connected to the new notebook, the hacked information would be transferred to my notebook. We did the connect procedure, where he was trolling through my files.

The process never advanced much through my files, downloads, etc. After an hour, I wald it was *fixed*. I turned on the notebook, and I was still told I had no network available. I was transferred to his supervisor, *Mike* and he then told me I had to take my “never used” notebook to the store. I told him “This makes no sense to me”. He then sent me an e-mail to acknowledge that problem was solved. I attempted to type “it has not”-and he blocked it.

Mie then called me fom a 24 ***** number. I told him I was calling HP-and he told me not to. I responded “You cannot help me”

I logged back on my computer, and he was attempting to tell me he could fix the problem. I responded “No you cannot”

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