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I purchased 5 properties from these people. All of the properties have major damage to them. The description of the property at the time of the auction did not list or describe any of the defects to the property. In fact the description was misleading.

On one property they showed a built in pool. The pool was described as being in perfect working order, newly painted and in the video looked good. The pool was painted to hide all of the cracks. It needs to be drained and resurfaced about $10,000 in damage. The contractor told AAN of the problem and AAN blatantly lied in their description of the pool. Every property I purchased from them has major damage.

Another property described as move in ready, I had to replace the roof $6,042.00. Another property was to have AC installed upon closing. They had a company come in and install the unit. The night before the job was to be completed, the AC unit (both compressor outside and the air handle inside) were stolen.

The police reports states the there was no forced entry into the house. That cost me another $3000.00 to replace the units.

If you have experienced this with AAN and wish to become part of a class action law suit against them, please contact me at

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I have reiterated over the past year to contact the Attorney Generals Office and pursue with the “fraud:.

Im in already contact me

count me in if it is not to late,


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