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I purchased a Gas Cap $15.26. I told my car to have the smog done. The Gas Cap Turned out to be Defective. I returned the Gas Cap to the Store at 14711 Crenshaw Blvd and they Respond with- I don’t know that this could be defective because I have no way to test it.

On the back of the Receipt it say they have the option to offer a Manufacturers replacement or refund not a store credit which was offered to me. I told him the manager of the store I don’t need it and would like a refund. I store credit was what he want to do and I refused that because I don’t need anything else from their store that would be like throwing away money…

So if O’Reilly is that hard up for money they can keep it, which gives me the right to bad mouth them for what they have done to me and millions of other hard working individuals.

To See the Video Type in on Youtube .com O’Reilly Auto Parts or Click here:

For my complete conversation to the Manager of the store Just Rude as was the Asst Manager unconcerned and lack of Customer Satisfaction even through on the receipt it will tell you a lie like We believe in total Customer Satisfaction What BS

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O Reilly Smell bad in Berryville, Ar . Smell like smoke shop take my business to Auto zone don’t smell….


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