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I pre-ordered some items for Oh My Crafts to the tune of $165.00. Some of the items were supposed to be shipped before the holidays. The holidays have come and gone with no shipment.

When contacted they said they expect to ship in January along with the other order. Well here it is January and not only have my items not been shipped the web site has been closed. No warning, no way to contact. Phone number is not in service, the email just comes back saying they have closed.

Since the transaction took place over 45 days ago PayPal is unable to refund my money. I will have to go through my bank and hopefully get some resolution. I have ordered several times from this company. The only problems I have had was slow shipping. I did not mind the wait as long a I received the items.

This is not how you treat customers who have supported you over the years.

For Oh My Crafts Representatives or Owners

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Is there a way to post a comment that everyone affect can see for this dispute. I want people to know that because of the investigator on this case I was able to finally after several months get a refund via cashiers check.
Contact the investigator on this case to try and get a refund.
Holt Terburg, Investigator

801-530-6001 (fax)

Utah Division of Consumer Protection
160 East 300 South, Second Floor
P.O. Box 146704
Salt Lake City UT 84114-6704

Oh My Crafts is owned by Sandra and Kevin Cottle in either Orem or Alpine Utah. They have two addressed for their ‘Oh My Crafts’ company. 351 River Rd Alpine Utah or 1489 W 105 N, Orem Utah. Phone number 801-310-4728 As of 2012 Oh My Crafts started to go down hill, not shipping items that they claimed were in the warehouse and continued to show for sale on their website. It became impossible to talk to a live person on the phone and they claimed many of the emails they received were sent to their spam box. They ignored… Read more »

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