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My loan was transferred to Seterus by Citi Mortgage as of October 15th 2014 soon after filing for Bankruptcy. Seterus claims to have no documents from Citi Mortgage on my loan.

I have been paying Seterus my monthly mortgage payments to avoid them trying to make me default on my payments. I have absolutely no statements on my loan. The welcome package received by Seterus last week is nothing but a pamphlet explaining the charges for late fees and etc. That’s it!

I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Bureau and also with The consumer complaint agency. They have yet to respond to them. I am keeping track of my payments and recording everything.

I recently received a letter from Seterus stating that I am short on my escrow account by $3000.00. How can that be? I am up to date on my payments. How can I possibly be short?

I also mailed a certified letter to them asking them to explain how this is possible. Where are my bank statements????

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