The Worst Customer Support Experience EVER - NetTalk

After repeatedly trying the standard avenues of support, which do not include any telephone support (odd for a telephone service), I sent the following letter to netTALK:

(Note: Account and contact information has been replaced with asterisks for security reasons.)

Customer Support Manager
1080 NW 163rd Drive
Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Re: Support Ticket: #HEP-584-27876
Dear Sir or Madam:

I am trying to find a nice way to say this but I am at a loss. I have never encounter worse customer support than I have in trying to resolve a problem through your service. Let me explain what has happened to me:

1. I tried to resolve my problem through Chat. At approximately 11 AM on November 17th I started a Chat session. First it would not let me enter enough characters to explain what I needed and would not let me continue after my initial entry, even though there is an area that appears to support entry of additional text. I thought perhaps the problem was with my browser but after trying both Chrome and Firefox I realized it was not. When I clicked Submit I was informed there were 55 customers ahead of me. After one-half hour I was given a message that no one was available to chat and was directed to an email form to submit a ticket.

2. I completed the form with the following text:

“I have 2 netTALK DUOs. One is WiFi (phone number ***-***-****, SN: WDUOU-0274385-0625, MAC: 00:25:F6:04:33:D0, account User ID: ******** used for Fax) and the other is a hard-wired DUO (phone number ***-***-****, SN: DUO-0177128-9486, MAC: 00:25:F6:02:B7:E7, account User ID: ******* used for voice service). Is it possible to switch the two phone numbers so the Fax is hard wired and the voice is WiFi?

If possible I would also like to combine the two into a single account with User ID of ********. I could not find a way to do that when I placed the order and signed up.

Please let me know how to proceed.

If you respond by phone please call my cell phone at ***-***-****.
Thank you.”

3. At 2:00 PM on November 18th I checked the status of the ticket (#HEP-584-27876) and found it remained “Unassigned.” Displeased I tried again to use Chat. After submission it informed me there were 21 people ahead of me and again after one-half hour I received the message that no one was available and was directed to create a ticket, which I did not do since it would only have duplicated the original.

4. Although on the one previous occasion when I needed support it had been available by phone, it is now clear that is no longer generally the case but I thought perhaps, under the circumstances, some form of phone or non-ticket email might be possible. I found after significant effort that is not the case. Your main phone number requires a known extension number or directs the customer to chat. 611 directs the customer to chat as the only option and the only listed email address is to create a ticket. The only other contact information I could find was the address I am using to send this letter by snail mail and I am frankly wondering if anyone will be there to read it.

5. Again on November 19th at 5:15 PM I checked status and found the Ticket still “Unassigned.” I left the following message:

“Still unassigned? Come on! No response from chat and now none from a ticket?”

6. I tried chat twice more today with a queue of 25 the first time and 56 the second with the “no one available” message and Ticket Form displayed after a half-hour for each.

7. Finally today I got a status that said my problem had been resolved and the Ticket closed. Here’s the message:

“Dear Mr. Ponder,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Our apologies for the time to send you an answer. The account transfer between the netTALK DUO accounts has been done, now the telephone number ***-***-**** [it was the correct number], is associated with the DUO device with MAC 00:25:F6:02:B7:E7, and the telephone number ***-***-**** [also the correct number] now is associated to the DUO device with MAC 00:25:F6:04:33:D0.
The numbers should be working normally from now.
The netTALK platform does not have the option to merge accounts, so you still having (2) account and the Username and Password to access the accounts are the same as before the DUO devices swap. Thank you for your understanding. We are closing this ticket.

Thank you for choosing netTALK and have a great day,

netTALK Support”

Thank heaven! — But it wasn’t over….

8. I switched the two devices as planned at 6:30 PM then set out to test them. I dialed the voice number (***-***-****) from my cell phone. The Fax rang. Wait a minute. That’s not right. The message said they were switched and would work immediately! I tried the Fax number (***-***-****). The Fax rang again. Regardless of which number I dial the Fax rings. After all that they finally fixed it and got it wrong.

I have disconnected both lines since the current situation is not workable and so I have no landline service until I hear from you or your staff that it is finally properly fixed. I truly hope this can happen soon.

I can not be reached at either of my netTALK numbers but can be reach at my mobile number below [in the footer of the letter] or by email at ***@***************.com (associated with the ******* user ID) or ************ (associated with the ******** user ID).

I hope to hear from you or your staff soon.


William K. Ponder

Three days later I received a phone call from a man identifying himself as from netTALK. After a substantial period of time where he told me that what I was describing couldn’t possibly be happening, I proceeded to connect the netTalk devices in a variety wa configurations, demonstrating that what I had described was in fact the case. Subsequently he told me that the problem had to be caused by the company that supplied them with the block of numbers. I explained that this could not be the case because the block of numbers, once sold to netTALK, have no interaction with the company they bought the numbers from. I explained I had worked in the telephone industry for 14 years and knew that could not be the cause of the problem. He refused to accept that so I requested that he do whatever was necessary to determine the cause of the problem and resolve it.

Today another three days have gone by and I got a call from another netTALK “Technician.” He asked me to find another phone to connect to the Fax line so both lines were connected to telephones with no Fax attached to either DUO device. I found another phone and he tried calling both numbers. The result? Both phone numbers connected him to the Fax number. He then proceeded to tell me that this was how they were supposed to work. It was set up that way so that if I had two voice lines I could pick up either at either phone. Besides not working as he described, the whole concept was ludicrous. I tried to explain that the two numbers had worked correctly and as expected before the numbers were switched and he told me again that they were working properly.

I told him that wanted a refund and he told me that I had to submit a ticket to request one but there was no guarantee I would receive one.

I will submit the ticket but I am not holding my breath for anything further to happen.

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