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I wanted to check out the website (steam inhaler). I wanted to know all details related to this product, costs, taxes, etc, before ordering, as I routinely do. The only option was to click on tab “Try it now,” which would not open to provide more details until I filled out form on first page, including my credit card info.


After reviewing more info, I was suspicious and decided I did not want this product so I exited out. I never got the chance to review exactly what I was ordering, all costs involved, before being provided with a tab to “Place order,” as I have always done for past ten years with online ordering ALL products.

A few days later this product was delivered to my apartment, invoice enclosed indicating monthly “installments” would be deducted from my credit card. When I called Customer Services to tell them I did not order this, they were annoyed and insisted I did order it, and that, furthermore, I could NOT return it for full refund of shipping cost $19.95 until I tried this product for “at least 30 days.”

I never got an e-mail confirmation to provide me an opportunity to cancel this “order.” I believe this website is very misleading, if not fraudulent.

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I did not have this problem with the company. The product is very nice, but not well-made. When I called to ask for a replacement I got an obviously poorly trained agent who seemed to have no idea what to do. She said she was sending me a return label, but I never received it. The next time I called I got a supervisor who did send me a return label. After spending 30+ minutes on the phone with the first person I decided I did not want to try a replacement, just get a refund. When I posted a… Read more »

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