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The Mr Lid website order form is set up to deceive and confuse the buyer as to how many orders they are truly placing. The order form asks” How many Buy One/Get One Free Sets do you want?”

This is not giving the option of the “One Free Set” with the $7.95 shipping. By entering the number 1 in the box, it is ordering 2 sets of 10 containers charging $10 for one set and $7.95 twice meaning each set.

Most people would see that as ordering 2 sets and enter 2 in the box.

They are than charged twice for the total of $25.90 for a total charge of $51.80. It is clearly set up to deceive because it does not exhibit a confirmation sheet in which you would clearly see that you have ordered 4 sets ( 2 orders of Buy One/Get One). The customer service is clearly scripted to further confuse and deceive.

I like the product, it’s just too bad they had to f it up with their criminal and deceitful marketing tactics. I will not use or order this produce and will make sure on Facebook that all people I know are aware of their unethical practices.

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