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They mailed the wrong medals they were suppose to be 1oz  blanks, but they sold me medals with Sunshine Mint LOGO and add on them. I told them every time I called  while I was waiting  foe 4 weeks that I was going to strick my own medals.. So it cost me $370.00 to exchange for blanks I make

I have my die maker to strike 1 OZ. medallions that has my own Picture of things on them. I told Mr. Ron Smith my sales person that I was not buying them to keep that I will have my die maker strike them with my die. I also said that I needed them ASAP but it was nearly a month before I received them, it put me in a bind with my customer.

So I had to pay a foundry $1.00 per ounce to exchange the medals, for 370 OZ cost me $370.00 . It was their mistake so they should pay me back for what I have lost. .All he was doing selling silver. If he had told me he was selling Rounds that had be struck I would never bought them.

I think I was lied to. I will never buy from them again I will tell all my friends the same thing. I thank they should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

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