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Market Basket has a habit of putting products on sale but at checkout the register comes up with the non-sale price. This has happened to me countless times and every time I have to go to the Customer Service booth to get it resolved. Last week, I purchased a package of pre-packed pickling cucumbers that said on the price tag: 2 for $1. Naturally, I assumed that it meant 2 packages for a $1 and I tool a package. At the checkout I was charged $1 instead of $0.50. I pointed it out to the cashier and she said I had to go Customer Service.

Now, 50 cents isn’t a big deal or worth my time, but the principle behind it is! So I went to Customer Service and was told that it meant 2 cucumbers for $1. I told her that there are 5 in the package. So she consulted with her manager and they decided to call the produce manager to explain to me what that meant. After waiting a few minutes I decided it really wasn’t worth it and asked for my receipt back so that I could leave, but the lady in Customer Service insisted I stay to hear the explanation.

When the produce manager finally arrived, he didn’t say hello or even look at me. He simply looked at the price tag and said that it was 2 for $1, to which I retorted 2 what? He said cucumbers. I explained again that these were pickling cucumbers and there were 5 in the package. He then said that I should be happy that I got 5 instead of 2 for $1. What nonsense.

By now I had lost my patience and told him that what the price tag suggested was that the customer gets 2 packages of cucumbers for $1 and not 2 cucumbers, since there are no packages with only 2 in them. Can you believe a pickling cucumber costing $1 each! Anyway, he argued that I was misunderstanding the label and we kept at it. In the end, I left a very frustrated and angry customer without resolving anything.

I will not return to Market Basket. There are many other more customer driven super markets in the area. Unfortunately, the attitude of most Market Basket employees is similar to the above. Believe it or not, the Customer Service lady told me she was going to call the store manager and I guess his office is located above where we were and he shouted down that he didn’t want to get involved! What a manager!

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