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The last time me and my husband ordered chicken strips dinners from n. Dixie dr (phone number in dayton ohio 937-890-2291), we both ordered chicken strips meals with coleslaw and potato wedges both times they messed up the order but today really topped it off!

Here is our order ticket: for feb 20th car-167900, dr-t,3 str ml. 2 slaw, 2 potato wedges, 12.58$ cshr. Stephani, no, 9594, 17:27, # 023, reg 0001.  This is all the info on receipt.

Anyway, they finally got the order right but the chicken was so dang spicy hot we could not eat it- it burned our tongues and stomachs. Very unhappy. We used to love this famous recipe but i dont think we will be eating Lee’s Famous Recipe anymore; 3 times is enough. This time it was horrible like they soaked it in hot sauce.

We work hard for our money and expect that when we order food there its what we asked for! I cannot believe no one else has complained. Just for your info we will not spend our money at lee’s anymore.

Thank you, connie bennington 4109 cedar ridge rd, dayton ohio 45414 phone 937-974-3450

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