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I had a account since 2008, before it became to two companies, one is for mobile and RoyalGames for web. I have been playing games on and off until my kids started play too. We played on the web and competed with our ranks. It is family fun for us.

I have read some bad rip off stories of and wanted to withdraw my cash winning that I accumulated over the time. First, I was told I can only withdraw to a PayPal account (don’t understand why they can take my money from my bank but can’t return to the same account), second I was told the process would take 14 days (don’t understand why they can charge me as soon as I chose to deposit to the account but need 14 day to do the opposite).

As I trusted what the company had claimed, I did what they asked me to.

Here is what happened:

On the 12th day, my Paypal account sent me a no-contact-info letter rejected the transaction. On the 14th day, my account got blocked. I check with the Support Service, was told I needed to send a copy of my ID ASAP in order to get the withdraw processed. I did send. I was requested to provide all the account ID for any family and friend accounts in the same household, I did and told them our family enjoying play games for fun. In return, I could not log into my account any more so as my kids. I lost all my deposits as well as my winnings.
I did not remember seeing any Term and Condition documents from the web site addressed any family use of the site. Guess RoralGames is not a family friendly place to have fun. From lose of near $500, I have learned my lessons. I will put RoralGameson my black list too. There are other game sites we can have fun with.

But I would like to file legal action against RoralGames’ rip off for the justice.


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I play for free. So at least, I’m not losing any money like you guys. I started playing around 2007. I had more than 50,000 points (this was on King,com). But this was soon cut off around 2012, when they changed to Royalgames. At that point I could play on either site. Suddenly, I had no more connection (your account has been blocked). After contacting them, they reinstated my account. It took a lot of hard work, and many, many emails, but I restarted at zero points. Now I’m like the newcomer, I’m on 16,000 points. I feel this is… Read more »
The exact same thing has happened to me. Both me and my husband (who obviously live together and share an IP address/computer) use the site. I won a bit of money and put in a withdrawal request to my paypal account. It said 14 days – fine! In the meantime I managed to increase my winnings again. On day 13 I logged in to play and was told that my account was blocked. I contacted the support team and was told the “block could be lifted once they received ID”. I told them I had not been contacted and asked… Read more »

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