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I recently purchased the gold bars for 0.99 (thank god I did a small purchase) and I never received them!

After emailing them three times I still didn’t receive a response or a refund.

Needless to say this game is turning into a scam where all they want is your money!

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I only purchase gold to get through to the next episode which costs 3 gold bars right? Not this time.They charged me 9 gold bars. I’ve tried e-mailing them (won’t go through) 20 times and what’s really bad is they keep showing me an error screen everytime I try to view my past purchases, including the one they decided to pull a scam. Do I see a “pay us at your own risk” warning? A free sticker for my car, “I’m a sucker, I play King games.” Lol what a rip off…

I purchased bars and was never credited eithier. This game is a total legal rip off. I was told to send or reply rather to my email but I got no email to respond to. This happened to me on candy crush as well. Its unbelievable. The money these bastards make and then you have no recourse. I think this game needs to be removed.


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