What A Ripoff! And No Relief From The Cc Company. - Jail Call Services

Again, just what everyone else says. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I tried for 2 days to set up an account for my daughter to call her husband on HIS phone. They charged me nearly $50 and when I called to cancel the service because we could never get it set up they said I could cancel it but they wouldn’t issue a refund. This was less than 48 hours after I applied and we had NEVER used the service.

When I called my CC company, once I told my CC company what was up they said they couldn’t help me because I DID authorize the charge and they couldn’t help it that the company wasn’t able to make it work on my phone & wouldn’t issue a refund.

Bottom line: DON’T USE JAIL CALL SERVICES. But if you did, and used a CC, call up and dispute it and tell your CC company it was an unauthorized charge. THEN they will give you credit for it. Don’t tell them it wouldn’t work or you WON’T get a credit.

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