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I was told I had to get a local number in order for my son to contact me from jail. I googled Global Tel and was routed to Jail Call Services. The website is very misleading, it says you pay a flat monthly rate and can talk as much as you’d like. Only to be told when contacted that you not only have to pay them a monthly fee but Global Tel as well.

I was told you can’t receive collect calls from jail which I have found out since that I most certainly can. I was also told that calls from jail are upwards of $25 per call from jail when they knew as well as I did that a law was passed last month making it illegal to charge exorbitant rates now.

Their website also says it will refund your money immediately if not satisfied, the only problem is the phone number won’t even ring and the email address they give for cancellations doesn’t even exist. This must be put to a stop. It’s bad enough people have loved ones in jail and then to be taken advantage of like this is reprehensible.

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