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My family out here in Bridge Creek area had At Link Internet is the only Internet provider at this time. We had them for less than a year. The entire time we literally had to turn our router on and off just to have a few minutes of service. We called them hundreds of times begging for help. But they did want their money each month for nothing.

So and I spoke to tech support and billing numerous times to no avail. We never had true service, Internet. They didn’t know what to do. But they should. My so spoke to tech support for 8 hours one day to get help and they had him buy a $100.00 router and still they didn’t know what to do. They sent me a bill for $300 for a phone call! I have never experienced such a horrible company. I asked for the corporate number. They refused. Then asked for their owner to call and he didn’t.

We have been discriminated against. They hang up on my son and I. I have read the other complaints here and my entire neighborhood is ready to get rid of them! They are awful. Even Pioneer telephone employees said Atlink stole their tower.

So yes I am ready with 100’s of people to take these jokers to court. Run them out of Oklahoma.

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