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Unfortunately, my bra did not fit and the 30 day easy return policy should be classified as deception in advertising. Their return policy in the context of “Undergarments.”
Important Notes About Returning Undergarments:

• Please make sure all tags and packaging are intact, and that items are packaged to protect their shape.

• We’re sure you expect the panties you buy from HerRoom to be in brand-new pristine condition. That’s why we request that, if you’re unsure about your purchase, you try your new panties on only over your own clean underwear. All returned panties and other items with a crotch are closely examined and tested: we never put previously worn underwear back into our inventory. If we believe an item has been tried on or worn, we cannot accept it as a return.

• If you are returning swimwear, the protective liner in the crotch must be in place. We cannot accept swimwear returns without it.

• We suggest you do not wear perfume or deodorant when trying on your purchase. These can leave marks or scents, which may make the item non-returnable.

• We also ask that, due to the delicate molded structure of bra cups, you return items in a protective box to ensure a full credit.

• We are committed to selling only brand-new, pristine items. So, for the peace of mind and health of all our customers, we reserve the right to refuse returns on items that may not meet hygiene and health regulations.

Bullet Point #5 “Bras” are never specified as having to be fitted over another clean bra for a refund. Rather, you should return a bra in its protective box for full credit. Yet mine was shipped to me in a plastic bag.

I received the bra, took a minute to try it on. Didn’t fit and returned it to exchange it for a larger size a couple of days after receiving it. I received the same bra back. I then called and spoke with customer service representative Vanessa. Explained my situation and was combatively told me their quality control department did a black UV light test and the bra had a stain on the left cup. Wow!

I then pulled out my own black UV light in a dark room and placed over the white bra. No stains anywhere. Then two more managers repeated the same pitch to me that I would need to keep the bra and lose the money. The senior manager’s final comment to me, “I’ve been listening to this call and we are just not a fit for each other.” You can say that again!

BUYERS BEWARE! This is a misleading merchant selling premium priced items who will not provide you even an exchange on a bra. Regardless, if you’re a first time customer ready to buy volume. They must be going broke. Their return policy looks like a class action lawsuit ready to happen. Get the word out that probably violates “Good Faith Under The Uniform Commercial Code” and go buy a cheaper bra with a clad iron guaranteed refundable return at WalMart or

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