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I needed a Richie Brace to help heal a torn tendon in my ankle. With out this brace i face the possibility of surgery. I took my doctors prescription to them and had a cast made. I was told it would be about 3 weeks until I get it. An appointment was made.

The morning of the appointment I called to see if they had my brace since I was traveling from out of state. I was told it had not come in. I requested that they call who ever was making it and get a tracking number or at least the time it was shipped.

Several days later they called and told me that there was confusion over what brace I needed and they had to get my Doctors clarification. According to them it took several days for him to return the call with the information that it was a Rickie Brace I was to have. (My doctor confirmed the phone call which took place one week after my first appointment,). They still had time to put a rush on the brace or at least call me to arrange another appointment.

Now it is one week later and I am now told that the manufacturers of this brace are very busy and were not sure what type of parts should go into the brace and had to check their stock. I told them they had 5 more days to get it in or I was going else where. The receptionist say well you do what you have to. All this time I have stress how important this brace was to me so I would not have to have surgery.

I now may have to contact a lawyer.

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