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I received my order for 3 packages of 16″ and 1 package of 14″ hair extensions. I have worn hair extensions for over ten years, and never have I received such poor quality. Calling these hair extensions is an absolute JOKE.

These are ALL the same length! I ordered two DIFFERENT lengths too! Each hair extension is so completely tapered that the “length” at the end is actually a measly amount of hairs, most are about 7 hairs at the most.

I was disappointed when I opened it but thought I would give it a try, so I have been trying to put in two packages I ordered. There is barely any length, its definitely NOT 16 INCH, AND the there is no hair AT longest part of all these extensions in my hair. It looks like I went overboard with a razor comb on my ends. DO NOT BUY LADIES!

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