Refund policy a hoax -

I ordered one 7pc set of hair extension for my wedding. It too almost a month for them to arrive. Once they did, the quality was ok, but the color was a little dark. (My hair is lighter on top and darker underneath.) I decided to order a lighter set to combine with the darker set. I had 3 months to the wedding and they have a return policy, so why not? Right?

Huge mistake. The “lighter” set is the exact same color as the original set. I contacted the company. They said to send a picture of both. So I did. They responded with:
“Thanks for your reply. the factory has checked the color and the #14 and #27 are very similar, and we do not send it wrong. We suggest you can keep the hair, which looks very beautiful. If you still do not like it, we can exchange the item for you. How do you think?”

What? I told them I would just return the item and swallow the 30% restocking fee. It takes too long to get here and I cannot trust the computer swatches to be correct. No matter how “beautiful” the hair is, it doesn’t work, isn’t the color I ordered and I’m not happy.

This was the response:

“Sorry for the mess. We hope you can keep the item due to the long return time and the postage you paid by yourself. You can keep the item use for next time or resell to others. We will apply some discount for your next order. Is that ok?”

After 4 unsuccessful emails and reading other people’s complaints, I suspect a “return” will be futile. Even if I get them to agree to a return, I will probably never see the money. At least it’s a good quality set. Look for it on eBay, I guess.

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