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I ordered a set of clip-in extensions from and selected the 2-3 day shipping option. After 4 days, the order had not arrived and when I put the order number into their website for tracking, it said the order was still processing and had not even shipped!

I e-mailed customer service, inquiring about the delay and asked that I cancel the order as I didn’t need it if it would not arrive in time.

No response.

I sent a second e-mail 2 days later, again telling them to cancel order and letting them know I was putting a stop to the charge on my credit card. I contacted my credit card to dispute the charge since I did not receive the goods and they issued a credit.

A few days later, hairextensionbuy FINALLY contacted me to say my order had shipped and would arrive in 2-3 days. They explained that it takes at least a week to “process” the hair and the order was not late because once it shipped, it would only take 2-3 days. I e-mailed again, asking why they ignored my request to cancel the order and letting them know I had stopped payment days before it even shipped.

No response.

I received the extensions in the mail 5 days later (not 2-3!). I did not open them because I planned to send them back once they realized they were not receiving payment for the order. Finally, a month later, they contacted me, inquiring why I disputed the charge on my credit card and asking that I cancel the dispute so they could receive payment. They claim it was shipped on time, yet they refuse to provide proper documentation to my credit card company in order to receive their money.

They continually call and e-mail me (often waking me up with phone calls) but I will not cancel the dispute (and my credit card is aware of all that has happened and will not cancel the dispute either) unless the company refunds me for the entire purchase and shipping (which they refuse to do.)


Additionally, this company is out of China and their customer service speaks in very broken English. Their e-mails are very hard to decipher and speaking on the phone is an absolute nightmare.

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