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ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. Do not NOT buy from this company. They are completely unprofessional and I actually feel as if this is a legitimate scam.

I have ordered many weaves from online and I have never had an experience like this. I paid for 2-3 day shipping and after three days of not receiving any shipping confirmation I contacted them via livechat. They first said that they couldn’t even find my order and then reassured me in very broken English that they would take care of it but they still wouldn’t know exactly when it would be shipped.

Are you kidding me?

Then, a whole 24 hours later, after recieving no shipping notification, I contacted them and demanded a refund. The man haggled with me offering me only 50% refund at first, then 75%, then 85%. When their website CLEARLY states under their cancellation policy that says if the item has not been shipped they will return 95% of the total cost. I literally argued with this man for an hour, I finally gave up and agreed to the 85% refund.

So basically, I’m out $20 something dollars for something that I will never even receive. And god knows how long it will take them to actually refund me. When I asked if I could get an official confirmation email saying my order had been cancelled they simply said no and told me to check my bank in a few days.


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