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I have been a pogo member for quite some years over 5 to be exact. I have had problems loading, but that’s your internet and ISP, as well as the browser your loadings, a few variables.

What’s most recently a concern is that so called “hackers” are joining pogo and electronically gathering information from players via their profile and hacking into consumers systems. If pogo hired staff to browse the different rooms and/or ask questions, they would INSTANTLY identify these “hackers”.

In this day and age of information security breaches, I think that there at least has to be one documented statement that should support any evidence if any members personal accounts have been affected.

I have various firewalls and security measures installed on my computer that doesn’t stop them from trying to “latch/leach” on if you will… To maintain the integrity of their company and the THOUSANDS of members that log onto this site for somewhat of a peaceful experience, its’ a lot of racial slurs being thrown out at members of many kinds. In all I think pogo.com could benefit from some ethical regulation as if members don’t pay their membership gets terminated.

I have made several complaints because I couldn’t load a game or their server was down, but they did NOTHING…yeah, so I guess the bad is on me for continuing to play the game, what can I say..it’s a stress reliever…

However, I choose to use POGO is irrelevant, the core of the issue is that their should be some class action or remedy for members that complain and do not receive any increased security measures, discounts/reimbursements and or contact that is other than, “we regret that we cannot refund any discount”, generic emails.

I sincerely hope that you at least investigate the hackers and what their capabilities could be if they CAN hack into a consumers computer, especially if “x” consumer doesn’t have the proper security measures installed on their respective computers.

Thank you in advance for your time and hopefully cooperation in this matter.

Best regards,

Chanda Smart

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