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The interest rate is higher than many competitors, but my biggest concern is how difficult they make paying the loan back early. The only option presented was to mail in a coupon. The amount owed changes daily, so by the time the payment arrives, you owe them more interest for the days it took for your payment to arrive via mail, and they count on that.

You can pay by debit card, but they do it as a “cash advance” which adds a charge to your debit card. When I click “Payment Options” the page they send me to has no payment options listed.

The website is only user-friendly to the point of getting the loan, but once you are a customer they are not at all user-friendly so they can collect more interest. Stay away from these unscrupulous lenders.

Great Plains Lending Attn: Customer Support – 1050 East 2nd Street Box 500 Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

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