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Was hurt would not allow wife to handle for me. They harassed my employer & even though my wife tried many times to handle this & they would not allow her to they reported this to the credit bureau & stated i was 60 days late when i was not causing my credit score te impacted by 24 points.

These kind of companies think they are above the law due to being tribal & that is wrong & as part indian is very offensive to know there are companys like these being predators on unsuspecting people. Plus a huge issue everyone should know these companys will charge you more than what you pay in rent.

Example if you want to borrow $400.00 they say they are less expensive than p****y loan which is a lie. So you want to borrow $400.00 you will en up paying 1800 back. Basically it is $200.00 interest per month on a $400.00 loan.

Another thing they do not tell you is they do run your credit which is a hard hit when you can go to the bank & get a loan with a better interest rate or if you need a short term loan but credit is not great than a p****y loan is cheaper than companys like great plains lending!

Please never ever do buisness with these companys they are not honest at all

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