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My mom was diagnosed with ALS a few weeks ago & due to her illness she must sit for long periods of time. We decided to get her a Forever Comfy cushion hoping it would help make her more comfortable. Seeing the “made in china” label should have screamed “CHEAP GARBAGE” loud enough to make me not buy this thing, but…
Those things are garbage, a total waste of money.

My mom weighs maybe 130 soaking wet & that cushion was flat in less than a week. She had it under her while she was sitting on her sofa & still it turned into a useless lump in about 4 days.

Save your money folks, even at the Wal-Mart price of $20 it was a waste of money. I’m going to get her a memory foam cushion. They cost a lot more, but anything is better than a Forever Comfy!

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