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I ate at Wendy’s in Leesburg on Sunday night, September 21st. I had a hamburger that didn’t taste right, and it had a lot of mayonnaise on it that I had to scrape off. Two hours later I started vomiting and having diarrhea uncontrollably. That Monday & Tuesday I laid in bed all day still running to the bathroom having it come out of both ends. My stomach was hurting so much and I couldn’t keep anything down, so my husband took me to the Leesburg Hospital that Tuesday night, because I couldn’t take it no more.

The doctor said that I was “severely” dehydrated, and had a very bad case of “food poisoning”. They hooked me up with an IV full of antibiotics, fluids and morphine because of the pain.

My daughter called Wendy’s and complained, and all they said do you have proof of what she ate, and asked what hospital I was in. They also said why did it take so long to go to the hospital, and I said do you run to the hospital first thing when your not feeling right? Plus there was no way I could go anywhere with it coming out of me on both ends until it stopped. They said that someone would get back to my from corporate, and guess what they didn’t!

I’m not getting discharged from the hospital until Monday, September 29th. I ended up getting low blood pressure and my potassium and magnesium were low, and that’s why I had to stay in the hospital that long because the bacteria was so bad in my system.

I am very disappointed on how they handled it, and I don’t even want to know how much my hospital bill is going to be after this! So I would “never” eat at Wendy’s ever again!

Wendy’s in Leesburg, FL

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