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Ordered Flowers For Ill Military Daughter In Law, Flowers Were Not Delivered No Response To Company When Called

I ordered online from flower delivery express. The order was completed on 2/07/2014 and was to be delivered to my daughter in law in riverview florida the next day. She was ill and serves in the us air force, my son also serves in the military and was away from home at the time.

It was not delivered and on 2/10/2014 had still not been delivered.

After many calls to their “ultimate 24 hour a day 7 days a week customer service line” being on hold for 5 minutes the sent to a voice mail, (on which i left messages with their promise to return my call) i never heard back from anyone in two days.

I then called the place order line and immediately connected to a real person anxious to take my order. I was told there was a dispute between the florist and flower delivery express on the price of the item. Not my problem..

The flowers should have been delivered and they can deal with each other later. I was told the flowers would be delivered some time today. We’ll wee if that happens.

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