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I had been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer since 2008. I was on a share plan with my wife and my brother, and I would pay the bill each month which was about $160 for the three of us each month. I never missed one single payment. Well it earlier this year the three of us decided to switch to US Cellular. My brother’s wife had already been there, and they had these new phones for a penny and it was time as we’ve had these same phones for 5 years almost now. It was time to switch.

February 22, 2014 the three of us went over to US cellular and started a new plan with new phones. My phone number and my brother’s phone number switched without a problem. However, my wife, who’s number was from a different region could not be switched, we needed to get her a new number. After we switched, US Cellular told me to call Verizon the very next day (which was February 23rd) and disconnect/deactivate my wife’s line because that one would not happen automatically as they didn’t transfer her old number. So on February 23rd, I did just that. I called Verizon and they said we were disconnecting it and I’d get the next bill and would have to pay that and should be done.

Well sure enough around March 1st, the next bill came, and on it is the full balance of $160 due March 10th. I question this and call Verizon again admitting I thought it would be a lesser amount. They instructed me to look at the billing date. The cycle was from January 15th to February 15th on the bill that is due by March 10th. Well we switched phones on February 22nd, so it made sense to me that this bill didn’t reflect the few days of February 16- 22nd but rather the previous full month from January 15th up until February 15th. So far so good, I just misunderstood the bill cycle date.

So I asked if I could just pay off the remaining amount and be done with it all. I mean we’re in the beginning of March and haven’t used the phones since February 22nd, and they’re all disconnected now, why not? They told me unfortunately no, I had to pay this whole bill first and then wait for the next bill to come available which wouldn’t happen until after March 10th for that last billing cycle which would reflect those few days of, Feb 16- Feb. 22nd. The rep ensures me it will probably only be a few bucks per line for those 6-7 days or so. I said that’s too bad I can’t just pay the whole thing now but oh well; we’ll do it your way. I guess I’ll just go online in a few days and pay it and then come the next bill cycle (which doesn’t go out until March 10th) we’ll go online about that and pay the rest; just a few dollars per line.

The rep butts in, “yeah, about that sir, once you disconnect the line, you lose service to your online bill pay and accounts online so you will have to call us to pay. I’m thinking aww man, another inconvenience, but oh well, I’ll do what I have to do and call back twice to get these bills paid.

Well, a week later a couple days before March 10th when the full $160 is due, I call and pay it (which took me forever on hold as one of their centers was down). She apologized for the delay, took my payment, and said when that last bill comes due in a few days here I can just push pound something something and pay the last bill through the automated system and be done. I said okay

Come now to March 22nd I get that final bill in the mail. I expect it to be a few bucks per line as is it would only reflect from February 15th to Feb 22nd when we disconnected our lines. But no, the bill is $120. It’s almost 2/3 of the price of all three of our phones for an entire month. I was hoping to just use the automated bill pay via phone and be done with it forever but no, now I have to call the company AGAIN to figure out all of this. What happened next was a nightmare!

I called and spoke with a rep asking why the outrageous price for just a few days of service on those lines. She puts me on hold and looks into it. She comes back and says my wife’s line was never disconnected. I said you have to be kidding me; I’ve called in to disconnect it initially and then even called back w/ questions on how the last bill works and everything after we disconnect the lines. You can even see no data or minutes were used on any of those 3 lines since Feb. 22nd. She answers, yes sir I see that, let me place you back on hold. Okay I figure she’s going to check this out. She comes back again, well sir I see you called but I don’t see that you requested to disconnect your wife’s line. WHAT?! I thought. Why else would I originally call? And why was my account access to pay my bill online turned off (I did try to go online to see if I could pay the last bill and I was no longer to go online)? This is getting nuts. She placed me on hold again and returns, okay sir, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to suspend her line today and then you can call back tomorrow to disconnect it.
A this point my blood is boiling, was this a joke. I should not have to call back again, this should have been disconnected weeks ago, and you can see nothing has been used on those phones. I told her I’m not calling back and we need to get this disconnected today and that bill lowered to its fair amount. She places me on hold again and comes back and tells me she overridden something and got the line disconnected today and she was going to take $40 off my phone bill.

At this point I’m like finally, but an hour later and now my phone bill is $70 for the three phones that we used for 6 days!! I said 6 days is about 1/5th of the month. If our final bill is reflecting only the days of the month we used it should be more like 1/5 the price of our original monthly bill which was $160. She goes on to push about how the line was active and such, and I said but that wasn’t my fault you didn’t disconnect it and this is not a failr final bill for 6 days of usage!! She put me on hold yet again and finally came back and said I’m going to take off another $40 from the bill but it will need approval from my supervisor which will take 2 business days. If and when she approves it, you will get the final bill in the mail for the $120 minus an $80 credit. FINALLY!!! (However this was 2 days ago, so I’m still waiting to see if that final bill got approved and get it in the mail in time for the due date April 10th, I was assured that it would be.)

I wasn’t even looking for something free, I just wanted a fair final bill especially after I’ve taken the time to call to disconnect my wife’s line and understand how the final bill works and everything. No one should have to go through this and spend hours on the phone trying to understand how the process works so you don’t get duped and then end up getting duped anyway and having to spend more time to fix that. It was a big rip-off and extremely frustrating. Telling me the line’s not disconnected but taking away online bill pay, and the final bill itself was not only wrong, but it outright lied in certain spots. Almost as though they were making up dollar amounts and dates. Make sure you’re carefully monitoring your bills when leaving Verizon Wireless. They are very shady about their final bill pay practices. Needless to say, I’m never going back to them so I won’t have to worry about this again.

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