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I was in the store I had already bought a few things but I wanted so ad so went over to get one. Got in line to pay for drink; my little girl was next to me in the front of the store where there was a basket there to side, where my baby girl got hurt. She was yelling, so I got out of line to pick her up to comfort her. She yelling so loud so I ask the cashier if I could just give her the money. The cashier said No. so I said to my son, get the money I don’t want the drink we have to go.

As we are leavening out my baby still yelling and the only thing the cashier said to us as my baby is yelling was, she will need to ring the drink up, didn’t ask if we needed anything.

When I called the next day she had not yet¬†reported it to management, so he ask and then told me that his employee ask me if my kid was OK. I stated to him she didn’t ask me anything at all. so then he said he will make report but need to call back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m hr was not there. So the assistant manager told me he was working on the case unsure what he was doing he did say that the district manager was coming in to talk with the cashier. So have to talk to anyone.

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