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My contract for a vehicle with Europcar was for a total of 18 days and I agreed to take maximum insurance coverage for that amount of time on an Audi A3, commencing on the 1st of May. I was only provided with one key.

On the 14th of May, I inadvertently locked the key in the boot of the car. I immediately reported that to the company. Eventually, an RAC operator arrived and told me because of the “lock down” feature of Audi cars, the only options were to break a window or wait for a replacement key. After numerous phone calls, to Europcar offices, it was agreed that a towing company would uplift the vehicle and take it to the nearest Europcar site, and this was accomplished on the morning of the 15th May. From then on, the car remained at the Eurpcar Dundee site.

On arrival at Dundee, that same morning, my wife and I explained to the staff that all of our luggage, documents and money were locked in the trunk. They showed complete indifference to our plight but were very quick to tell us that it was negligence on our part. We told them we were booked on a return flight to Toronto Canada on Monday, the 19th and pleaded with them to try and help us. The much repeated answer was that there was nothing they could do but they would try to get another key delivered and would fill in the necessary request form. Customer service was completely lacking.

The contract provides that a replacement key would take 24 to 48 hours to get at a cost of 140 pounds sterling. In fact, it took a total of 5 days to get a key delivered, causing a lot of anxiety and inconvenience. We had no option but to cancel our return flights and cancel hotel bookings, due to this delay.

My Visa was charged for 22 days instead of the agreed 18 days and although I objected, in writing about these extra charges to the Europcar Customer Service and to the CEO of the company , as I did not have the use of the car for that time, I have still not received a reply.

Europcar Group UK Ltd James House 55 Welford Rd Leicester United Kingdom 871-384-0235

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