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I bought my laptop (model HP 2000) brand new last 2013 for 300 plus dollars but I only used it for two weeks and put it aside because I realized I don’t like windows 8 OS. I made an online transaction on to sell the laptop on October 15, 2014 and I got an appraisal of $80 for the laptop. Immediately had an email from Brian, purchasing manager at informing me that a pre-paid laptop return shipping box is on it’s way 5-7 business days. Sure enough i got the return shipping box on the 6th day and I mailed it back October 21, 2014 with a tracking number: 7251096814011488010002508922 at

October 30, 2014 I got an email again from Brian, purchasing manager at informing me that they received the laptop and that the device will be inspected by one of their expert technicians.

On November 04, 2014 I got an email now from Peter Thompson with the title of Customer Satisfaction Champion at informing me that I got $12 for my laptop and I can redeem it thru Paypal.

I tried to email them back that I should have been told that I will get $12 for my laptop and asked if I still want to sell it or not. No response neither from Brian or Peter Thompson the Customer Satisfaction Champion has ever been replied to me.

I should have checked or for ecyclebest before I made the transaction.

I charge it to “Lesson Learned”. I might not get my laptop back or at least the first offered price for my laptop.

To, “what comes around goes around 10 times fold”
To anyone want to sell their electronic device/s, “Don’t sell it to ECYCLEBEST.COM” . The offers are misleading and when you do you, it’s too late to realize that you’ve been Scammed.

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