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EcycleBest offers a large amounts of money for used electronics. In my case $358 for a one year old Samsung Note 3. Upon sending the phone they acknowledge receipt of it by email, but do not mention the amount they will send you for your mobile device. Instead they automatically return a check several weeks later for a significant amount less (in my case a $50 check). No agreement on the amount has taken place and you have no ability to have your phone returned. Only one of the company emails lists their phone number.

The owner of the firm Dave Kruch, is listed on the correspondence as being in the Purchasing Department, and he doesn’t take phone calls. When you go to Google and view this firm you realize its two small offices in Sparks, Nevada are no more than seedy warehouses. Employee reviews of the firm describe a mismanaged firm trying to run a scam.

Customers complain that calling a representative gets you a litany of rehearsed excuses for what happened. The best excuse is that the market value of your phone has gone down, yet they are still offering sellers $358 for my phone on their website.

Even their own websites offers several pages on why they are not a SCAM.

ECycle-Best – 916-476-5921

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