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Duke Energy “dukes” Its Own Customers In The Face With Its Unethical Customer Service Reps

After today, I can understand how Duke Energy ranks last in anything. This company started branching down here in Florida and I have had my first distaste of its customer service and employee ethical conduct. I am very displeased with the service that I having been getting from Duke Energy. I have waited for the company to send me a bill in the mail for my electric and what happens, they disconnect my electric.

Now after calling around and wasting my time, I find that the company has a different mailing address on file for my residence when it is supposed to be the same address as where the electric service is being given. Funny enough, my business that my husband and I own was placed as the mailing address when the account we have there even uses our residence mailing address because our business does not even have a mail box. Then, as I am trying to get my electric cut back on today by paying the bill, I cannot because I get a rude customer service operator (named Camellia or something) that sends my call back to the main menu of voice recordings.

Even after calling again, the female rep. refuses to change my mailing information til I pay my bill, which I was attempting to do while wanting to make sure they updated my information so I would not have to go through this whole mess again. To top things off, the lady questioned me as if I was an idiot asking “Don’t you know where electric comes from and that you have to pay the bill to get the service?’ Well, duh, but don’t the company NEED to get my information correct to SEND me a bill so I can pay for my services? Like I magically can guess the amount of electric I use in a given month inside my new home? Again, she kept being smart and refused to change my address information because of my account’s status. From there, I try to pay the bill online and it needs a 9 digit number from the electric bill so I can register the account, and what’s that? I’ve never received my electric bill in the first place to pay it (i.e. we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place) and now I cannot access my bill online.

So, end of the story short, I finally got another rep, Kevin ext. 4492 who assisted me which I really appreciated after the long and aggravated calls with the two female reps. who were unethical in their profession and lacked morals. Kevin updated my address information while my account was still in its current status, then assisted me in making a payment over the phone to have my service cut back on today. It is hideous to know that Duke Energy does not have set guidelines or clearer company policies for customer service where I was refused by one employee, but then assisted by another. What is even more unsettling is that I had to go through so many ignorant and distasteful individuals before I was finally helped by Kevin, who knew what he was doing and kindly explained everything to me, eliminated the problem, updated the wrong information in their computer systems, and ultimately helped keep whatever little faith I have in Duke’s customer service department.

In general, if Duke wanted to do better in the south as a service provider, make sure that your employees in the service department aren’t worthless, attitude bearing snobs that refuse service to your customers who are the ones paying for your product and keeping you in business.

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I had the same dumb question regarding as to what type of power source relates to my account? Why would a representative ask me that dumb when all of the details are in front of her face? Last month my electric bill was $133.00. The bill prior to that only $55.00. I had contacted Duke Energy and asked if my bill would increase tremendously after the crooks replaced the old meter with a new one. Of course it did after the puppet insisted that it would not. I received a new bill today in the amount of $147.00 without even… Read more »

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