Made Me A Hostage In My Own Home - Duke Energy

So I came home from work today to find a notice on my door from Duke energy telling me my gas had been cut off because they couldnt access the meter for pipe inspection ok I thought Ill call customer service and take care of it. So I called and asked the woman on the phone how they could do this without prior notice? she proceeded to tell me that they try to contact you five times before they do something like this well Im still waiting for them to contact me once.

After this she proceeded to tell me that there was a three hour window, wait did you say three hours? yes three hours so that meant that Id have to wait until at least 8:45pm on a Friday so there goes my Friday night not to mention I have to work tomorrow.

8pm rolls around and I decide to call back to see if the technician is anywhere near my house this time the gentleman on the phone tells me “I’m putting in for the service call right now there’s a three hour window for them to show up so now I have to wait up for them to get here at the latest 11pm I have to be up at 5am for work, I know this may be getting tedious but I call back at 10 and I explain to the woman on the phone I have to work in the morning I cant take a shower because I have no hot water the technician is now another 3 hours out so here I sit at 11pm waiting for them to not only turn on my gas but also light the pilot light on my water heater.

How is it right that I’m pretty much held hostage in my own home at the mercy of Duke energy and there’s nothing I can do because I’m the little guy, my only fault being that I have a job and wasn’t home when Duke decided to come knocking on my door.

Duke Energy – PO Box 840 Cincinnati, Ohio 45201

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