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I was in there shopping and i couldn’t find the light bulbs, they had moved them. Well i saw a young blonde girl working on a grey tub in the next aisle so i went to ask her where they were. She got a real attitude, swore under her breath, and threw her item down in the bin and said, “god d**n it i don’t have time for this”, and said, “just go down three aisles and they are on the right”. Which is no big deal it was just the attitude behind it.

I then got the rest of my items and went to check out i told the cashier that i would like to speak to the manger about the treatment i got, and low and behold this blonde girl in the aisle, who i found out is named Angelia Tolin, i believe was the assistant manger. They had no store manager at the time.

Now the young man who checked me out, his name was Brandon, was very helpful and kind in every way and provided ten times better customer service.

I have been back on several occasions, unfortunately, to this store and witnessed horrible treatment from her to her other workers. Telling them they are worthless and don’t do anything, when i see them work ten times harder than her.

I have just decided to go to walmart anymore instead i wont be back in the store till she is removed.

Dollar General 2612 S Jackson St Castleberry, Alabama 36432

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