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My name is Patrick Pillette. I am speaking on Kimberly Caya’s behalf because she suffers from an auto-immune disease called MS and is incapable of communicating with your staff.

In June of 2013 one of your representatives approached us with what sounded like a great deal. That deal was for basic satellite and free movie channels for 3 months at 24.99$. After the 3 months we would loose the movie channels, but keep the same price of 24.99$. After the 3 months we lost the movie channels, as we had expected, but what we didn’t expect was the bill to jump up to roughly 86$. This money was not authorized to be withdrawn and put Kimberly in an extremely difficult financial situation because she only receives disability in the amount of 800$ a month to pay for rent, phone bills, medical bills(she only receives medical benefits that cover up too 80% for CAT scans, MRIs, Neurologists appointments that usually cost in the ballpark of 350$ per visit) and other basic necessities such as toiletries and dish soap.

After the first 86 dollar withdraw was made we immediately contacted customer service and asked why the bill had been raised. We were told that it was because of the contract she had signed. We informed them that that was not the contract that we were lead to believe. They transferred us to a supervisor and they informed us that they could not refund the money and that we could only get a line of credit with your business. She explained that she needed the month to buy groceries. Quote; “that won’t buy my groceries this month”. They offered to send a 50$ gift card for groceries. We never received any gift card.

After the next 3 months, because she didn’t have a choice but accept the line of credit. Another bill was sent in the same amount. This time I called to speak on her behalf and renegotiated the contract to the original price of 24.99. They understood the situation and were polite enough lower the charge and offered another 50$ gift card for our inconvenience that we still haven’t received. The following month the price was again bumped up to 86$. I called a second time and renegotiated the contract, again! This time they offered to drop it even further to 21.99$ per-month.

After all this Kimberly had her card cancelled so she could be reassured that she would be able to survive on such a low income for the coming months. The following month, again, the bill was bumped up to 86$! Finally she had enough! And discontinued to pay her bill because of the breaches of contract.

I was hospitalized for roughly 3 weeks, I have a rare epileptic disorder or I would have contacted you sooner. I contacted a representative this morning, I do not remember her id number. I explained the situation to her and how your company has not only mislead Kimberly Caya, but withdrew money that was not authorized, breached a contract several times, and did not fulfill your promise(on two occasions) to send her a 50$ gift card for her inconvenience. This supervisor argued with me for several minutes saying that she won’t do anything to resolve the situation and then hung up on me.

Now I’ve been the service industry for 15 years and this is some of the worst behavior I have ever come across. And also some of the worst business practices I have ever seen. Either your representatives lied to us or they were unable to fulfill a service that was requested and not provided.

Her only request is that your company terminate all charges against her, except the 21.99$ when she was still receiving your service at the last negotiated price or for the remainder of her contract. Or terminate the service without penalty. As for the service that was provided she more than happy to pay that balance, but only up till the time service was turned off.

I will be forwarding this complaint to several websites when asked to review the services you provided.

Thank You and I hope that we can work something out so that we can separate on good terms or continue to do business together.

Patrick Pillette

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