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I moved and had dish come transfer my service. When the tech got done he said he needed to know when I would be home and not as he would be coming back personally to set up my pole installation outside and I would need to be home. He also said he would be the one calling julie. This guy was the only one who had been in my house seeing that I had just moved and to a very remote area. People do not just pass by my house I live in the middle of no where.

Dish was contacted and I was told that the tech would not need to know when I would be home and not and sometimes they send a diff person to do the pole. Not only that but also that he would not be the one to call julie. Julie was never called and a few days after my house was burglarized, dish has done nothing in order to investigate their employee and still allow him in to other peoples homes.

The technician is also refusing to work with law enforcement. When the investigators were here they fingerprinted and found something on a plug to an iphone that was stolen but the plug was dropped. If this guy was not guilty he would cooperate with the cops and clear his name. I do not understand why dish wouldnt want him to cooperate as well.

Dish network has treated my husband and I very unprofessionally and completely do not care. Everything that was stolen was stuff that this guy had worked with when he was here other then my iphone. The house i live in you would have to know the lay out too or you would get somewhat confused there are alot of doors. This person knew how things were put together wired and how to get around my house. This dish guy was the only person in my house and then it was robbed.

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