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I was a customer of Dish for two years, I am on a fixed income and paid my bills by check always. When they set me up I had to give them my bank card, big mistake. After two years of service I dropped Dish on December 4, 2013. Sent the dish equipment back, Dish started taking money out of my bank card in March. Not once but twice, creating a problem with other bills not being covered.

When I contacted Dish I was told that they could not find where I had disconnected Dish, and It was my responsibility to pay from December to March. Not only did I Call in December but also had written two letter telling them that it had been disconnected December 4, 2013.

They are a huge company and it takes many worker to handle the company, I know this, but because they think they are dealing with low intellect they throw out scare tactic, I found how I was handled to be very unprofessional.

Until now I had no complaints with Dish, and now with regrets have recommended them many times. That will never happen again.

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