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Mr. John Malone
Chairman of DirecTV
2230 East Imperial Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245

Subject: Customer 18911659

Dear Mr. Malone:

I really do expect an answer to this letter but I need to complain to someone about your abusive billing policies. I have been a customer for many years. I have always used a direct withdrawal from my bank account to pay my bill. Consequently I do not always monitor the bill. But last week I need to submit two months of TV service on a loan application. I happened to notice a charge on the bill that I didn’t recognize authorizing.

This charge was for 6 monthly payments for the MLB package. I immediately called and was told about your policy (a very nice business model by the way—wish I could figure out a way to implement something like that in my business).

It appears that I receive this program for several months’ compliments of DirecTV. At the end of that period this service automatically renews.

That is what happened—I was being charged 6 monthly payments of $32.99 without my authorization. So I called to cancel. I was told that it was too late to cancel! I would have cancelled earlier had I known I was receiving this program. We are not baseball fans and have never watched a baseball game. So I do not know how I was supposed to know that this program was added to my bill. After several phone calls, I was given a $25 credit. Whoopee!

I was also told that I will have another “opportunity” in the fall to enjoy a NFL package. So I will need to go through this same process again.

I really do feel that your company is engaging in deceptive billing practices. As a consumer I have no protection. I need to keep a credit card on file or authorize a direct debit from my bank account. I have no problem with this; however, I do not think you should be allowed to engage in this practice of making unauthorized charges to my account.

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