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We went to a timeshare presentation in Scottsdale Arizona and did not want to buy. They brought out another sales person who sold us on a sampler package by misrepresenting what we were getting, where it could be used, and how much time it would allow us for a vacation. The cost of the package was just un der $2500. We own several other timeshares and are not strangers to presentations, sales tactics, and sampler packages. So thinking this was something we wanted to try based on what was said we bought this package.

Upon returning home after receiving the written materials we find it was totally misrepresented and over embellished as to what we had bought. We now have filed complaints verbal and written both mailed and called in and faxed to no avail. This company is a rip off in our books. We now have a stay in Hawaii that definitely is very over priced.

We are totally disappointed in this company and the way they do business. Also if a person takes the time and spends the money to send a package to a company identifying a problem it would be courteous of the company to at least respond. This company is poor to do business with and after utilizing the time we paid dearly for we will never do business with them again.

Buyer beware, this company does not truly provide a sampler package. It is totally restrictive to use period even though they said it is not, it does not amount to the amount of time they said we would get out of the purchase, and three the resorts are limited to only a few in their inventory.

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