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Complaint against sale practice, the way we were forced to sign up and end up in collection when decided to cancel. Back in January of 2014 we attended one of their time share meeting. After the meeting was over we got up ready to leave. When they realized we are leaving about 5 sale people came at our table trying to sale whatever program they could sale. We told them we were not interested as we own a time share already with a different company. They kept on going trying to make us buy, for 2 hours I kept on saying no to all the offers.

I should mention the meeting ended at 8 a clock PM and it was already passed 10:30 PM and we were not able to leave. I asked one of the sale reps if we sign on their trial version if we could cancel if we don’t like it. His exact words “absolutely” and brought in some legislature showing us black on white we can cancel within 30 days. After I read that I gave in thinking I will go home and cancel. All I wanted was to get out of there, I was begging them to keep talking, my girls were home alone and I am a nursing student myself. I was having an exam the next morning so I kept on telling them how important it was for me to leave.

Anyway I did agree for the trial version,they told us we can use it anywhere they have resorts . The total came to about $2400 out of which we paid 250 down payment that night. We literally signed the paperwork as walking out of the building, I used the front desk to put the paper down and sign without reading everything what was on it.

The next day, after I got home from school I opened the brochure they gave me and realized with the trial version we can only go in 7 states in USA and that’s it. The states were Michigan, Virginia, Georgia,and few others I don’t remember but nothing fancy, none I could have not afford to go on my own, without their time share. I was very upset realizing that was another lie and call them right away to ask why they telling people anywhere in the world yet they only have 7 states.

I could not get a hold of the sale person that was at our table the night before ( of course) but whoever I spoke with told me she had not idea why I was told that. Anyway I told them I want to cancel it, they asked me to call their corporate office which I did. I was told the cancelation needs to be in writing which I did, I sent it registered mail to make sure they wont tell me they never got it.

After few weeks I received a letter back saying trial versions cannot be cancelled:(. I called them back..they told me I have to talk to a guy named John, apparently he was the only one that could do anything I called him several times left voice messages after voice messages. I told him in my VM if he can reply via email or after 4 PM since I am in school every day. I left on his recording my entire schedule, Mondays I am off he was free to call at any time, or email me any time during the week. He never did. He only called me on days when I was in class. I would call back on my lunch break or after I got off school but he never did answer.

So I never did pay their trial version. They send me to collection and now this diamond resort deal is sitting in my credit report doing so much damage to it. I am in tears how vicious this people are and I feel they are stealing from me while I can do absolutely nothing. I tried calling them and offer a settlement but they refused. They want me to pay in full. I don’t need their trial, all I want to do is get it out of my credit report

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