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About 2.5 years ago, I purchased a Samsung dryer (model # DV350AEW/XAA). Recently, it began making a noise which sounded like sneakers knocking around inside of it. I assure you, we don’t wash and dry our sneakers! We discovered, when clothing got snagged, that the dryer drum had come apart at the welding and had a large crack. After some internet research, I found that this is most certainly not an issue related to normal use or ordinary wear and tear. It is a defect, complained of by hundreds of Samsung customers (regarding multiple different dryer models). Samsung has refused to repair my dryer without me incurring either the expense of the labor or the parts, and my portion of the charges would be almost as much as just buying a new dryer.

I would strongly encourage all of you to avoid purchasing any products from Samsung. They will sell you appliances and electronics which are of poor quality, are defectively manufactured, and which will cost you FAR more than you should spend on something that will need to be discarded after a couple of years of completely ordinary use.

After several weeks of stringing you along, they will make it clear to you – the customer – that your satisfaction is unimportant to them, and that they have no intention of standing behind their products or their brand. They will also (rudely) make sure that you feel as though you are a waste of their precious time and energy, and they will flatly tell you that they don’t mind losing customers and garnering negative publicity based on their poor customer relations and failure to recall a product which is clearly defective.

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I bought 2 years ago a dryer model No. DV45H70000EW/A2 for almost $700.00 and let me tell you the drum is making a noise and of course it is going to be the same answer if I call Samsung that I don’t have any warranty.

Same problem, cracked dryer drum (stainless). Purchased July 2016, now August 2017. Unbelievable.

Same problem with the drum here (luckily I had the extended warranty)! My panel also went out a couple days ago, but it’s no longer in warranty! !

I have the Samsung dryer DV350.dryer. I have used it less than 1 time a week since ive had it and the heat element is out. Lowes will not even help with the replacement part. They want $155 just to send a repair person (Samsung I guess) to look at it. I paid overr $900 on this junk.. I should have bought a whirlpool -roper at 1/3 the price . No store help and calling Samsung gets no where. RUDE and I can not get anyone in U.S. EVER. DO NOT BUY Samsung anything. Samsung warranty is only ONE year.… Read more »
I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer (model # DV45H7000EW/ set in June 2015 and the the heating element is already out. Once the repair man examined my dryer. He tells me that my drum is going out. He gave it two months. This is insane. To add insult to injury he tells me that me that the cost of the repair wasn’t worth it. He tells me that i could get a new dryer for the cost of the repair. I had a set of Hot Point washer and dryer that lasted me 27 years with minor repairs in… Read more »
Same problem with a DV350AEW/XAA. Drum is split at the weld line and it is out of warranty. Wasted two hours with Samsung on the phone, and the upshot is that they are not willing to do anything, and claim there is no pattern of complaints or problems. Last year the “spider” cracked on the matching washer. In both cases there are numerous similar online complaints, and the circumstances of each failure clearly points to incorrect materials or manufacturing defects/deficiencies. The odd thing is that the first operator I called spoke to a supervisor and told me they would cover… Read more »
I have the samsung washer and dryer since 2011. The washer does not wash the clothes as well as my old maytag which was over 10yrs old. I complained and a technician came out and said it was due to the machine was not balanced. It was then balanced and numerous detergent changes the clothes still are not cleaned properly. Now the dryer started to make a thumping noise. Luckily at that time I had an extended warranty. Technician came out and the drum had a large hole. it took a few weeks to get a replacement drum. The second… Read more »
Looks like we get to join this exclusive club of Samsung dryer owners with bad drums. We bought ours in December 2015 and are about to have to deal with the drum replacement fiasco. Its making the clunking sound and it gets louder and more pronounced each day. 2 months ago we had to get some chinch plastic gear thing replaced because the drum no longer turned. Will soon have more $ into repairs than what we paid for it just over a year ago. Won’t ever buy a Samsung washer/dryer again….and am thinking of avoiding everything Samsung.
I purchased the Samsung dryer in December 2015. About six months later, it started making a knocking noise. A technician responded and said the noise was due to dryer placement. He said it was too close to the washer and the wall. Yeah, OK. The noise went away after some of his tinkering, but of course returned. Months later, looked into the dryer and the drum is broken at the rear. In one section there is a crack about 3″ long. In another, there is a hole about 1″ x 3″. All this on a dryer not even a year… Read more »

Just called for service for same reason, model DV50F9A6GVW, sounds like exactly as you described.

We just replaced a heating element then about a month later cracked drum! I will not be buying Sam junk washer or dryers!

I have owned a Kenmore for over 15 years and it still has not gone bad on me. I have the Samsung dryer model DV3311AGW/XXA for about five years and now the dryer drum has cracked.. I don’t think I will buy a Samsung again.

Our Samsung Dryer has been horrible! We have replaced the dryer belt and now it has a crack in the drum and makes a loud thump noise. Also the washer that goes with this has a broken lock, so in order to use it, we need to put something heavy in front of the door. Samsung is the worst and is not helpful at all. I will never buy another Samsung washer/dryer again!!

The same here,the drum is breaking apart both at the weld and all over.

I also have this problem. I really did not know what it is. Model DV220AGW. I have never hade a dryer break like this. I have owned it 5 years. Now I am going to have to purchase a new dryer since it would cost almost as much to repair as to replace and I will never ever purchase a Samsung appliance again!

I too, am joining the ‘don’t buy Samsung’ group as my gas drier, Model DV210AGW/XAA was repaired 6 months ago for a cracked drum, costing me $347 to repair it. Now it’s the heat which isn’t working, so a drier with no heat won’t dry my clothes! This is the 3rd drier that I have bought in my lifetime, and I never had a problem with the other two, I replaced them for newer models, but I certainly regret buying Samsung for the first time. Never again. I tried going through Samsung and to no avail. Would love to see… Read more »
I’m buying my second replacement drum and getting it shipped NDA from Sears, hopefully it will be more round than the one RepairClinic shipped by Ground last November. It didn’t even last nine months! (DC97-07520F for a DV331AEW, but I really don’t think it matters – they all suck). Pretty sad that these aren’t even meant to last five years but they cost three times what my 15 year old Whirlpool did. I guess this is the new disposable economy. I’m also getting four new rollers this time but since I did the drive belt last year I hope its… Read more »
I have the prior model DV337AER/XAA which was a very high end expensive model I purchased in 2009. About 3 or 4 years after purchase, the dryer started making brown streaks on our light-weight white and light colored clothing articles. A repairman verified this comes from the articles of clothing slipping into gaps between the felt liner and the drum because the drum is not perfectly round. (a huge factory mistake in the manufacturing of the drum). The only way to repair it would be replacing the entire drum which comes with a new felt liner attached… least $400 –… Read more »
Hi everyone. I wanted to share my experience with Samsung with all of you in hopes that if you are still trying to get them to cover your dryer drum, perhaps my dialogue will help you in your quest. My Samsung DV350AEW/XAA dryer also suffered the same fate as the rest of you. Purchased in 2010 or 2011, about 4 years into ownership, my dryer developed a knocking noise that sounded like a pair of sneakers bouncing around inside. I initially thought the drum was dented or warped. It still dried our clothes fine and didn’t seem to be causing… Read more » I’d like to see it please

Hi Jay,

Looks like I’m the newest member of the “Samsung – Never Again” club. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to get a copy of your transcript as well.

Hey Jay, I would love this info as well. We bought our Samsung dryer in December 2015..warranty just expired..looked in my dryer today and there a hole and crack in the drum. I have been noticing it not drying as well and some noise of course now I know why. I would really appreciate the info.

I’d love to be added to this as well. I’m having the exact same issue. Sorry I’m so late finding this thread. But my email is

Jay can you please send your chat transcript and screen shot of the emails to me as well. I have the same problem: cracked drum. I had purchased a 4 year extended warranty; the crack occured 4 mos after the extended warranty was up! Thanks!!

Hi Jay, thanks for this detailed post as it just helped me get parts and labor covered for my samsung cracked dryer drum. At first, they said no go (out of warranty), then I asked for manager and got a little testy, then they said they would cover parts as a one time courtesy.. then I decided to search labor cost online and found your thread. When she came back on I said.. no I want labor too.. you have offered it to other customers recently.. I want it all. She put me on hold and came back on said… Read more »

Hi Jay – hoping for the same outcome with the same problem.

Hi there,
I have the same problem with my dryer and am having trouble getting samsung to cover it despite being very polite with everyone that I have spoken to. I would love to see your chat transcript and emails and give it one more shot.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Hi Jay, I have the same issue. Do you have the phone number and the person you spoke with or transcript.

Well, it’s been a week and a half since I had my new drum installed by a certified Samsung repair tech and it’s amazing to be able to run the dryer without hearing the loud clunking/knocking sounds rhythmically soothing us to sleep (lol). So when the repair tech arrived and saw that my dryer was a 2012 model and no longer under warranty, I had the pleasure of explaining to him how I had to fight with Samsung to get them to extend a courtesy repair on something that is clearly a manufacturing or design flaw. His exact words were… Read more »

Hi Jay, I have had the same problem (surprise surprise). Can you please send me all the info that you have sent the others?
By The way, I just want to let you know that I think you are a very nice person to go out of your way and help so many other people. Thank you. You rock!!!

Hi Jay, can you email me your transcript?

Hi Jay….
same issue here….. just about 5 years old and found a large hole in my drum last night Fter my daughter complained of it eating her shoe laces…..

I’d love to have any info On this as well!!!


We bought the Samsung dryer, washer, stove, dishwasher and fridge. Our drum just cracked on the dryer, the dishwasher has tiny leaks and prevents the machine from working half the time, and the ice maker stopped working after 1 year. NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG!!!!

I agree. I have same problem with the poor quality Samsung dryer, same as poor quality TV. Never buying Samsung again

It is the stainless drum weld that fails in approx. 4 years. Samsung pretends it does not exist. it is a 650.00 repair. They now have stopped selling extened warrrentees on the dryer

Our drum just broke and its been about 4 years since we bought it.

I assume all of these complaints were with the plastic drum as we have the same problem. Can anyone tell me if they have had complaints with the stainless steel drum? We now have a stainless steel drum on order; our Samsung dryer is just a year and a half old. We’d appreciate your response.

My Samsung dryer 12/20/2016 has a plastic drum and has developed a thumping sound. I looked in the dryer and there is a crack in the drum at the back. Waiting to hear from Samsung.

yes same issue

We are on our second cracked drum. First one was November last year. Just out of warranty of course. Second one was the middle of March 2016. The bill to repair was $380 on the first and the bill on the new one will probably be the same. I cannot Believe that Samsung is getting away with this. I have bought my last Samsung product.

Omg same exact issue with the cracked dryer drum as everyone else. Went around and around with customer service. I too was told they have had no complaints on this issue. Sooooo frustrated right now I could scream. Payed way too much for this piece of s*** just a few years ago. Will NOT stick a dime of my own money in to repair it. Anybody know how to go about getting a class action lawsuit going? Tired of all these corrupt companies.


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