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It all started @ our original purchase day in Lake Tahoe. The salesperson said she was giving us such a huge discount considering people were demanding more and more points. Deceptions continued by saying that diamond resort owners exclusively get airfare, car rental, cruise, hotel discounts. The so called discounted exclusive discount prices in their website are higher than if anybody was to go directly with airplane, car rental companies and so on. She also told us that maintenance fees were tax deductible but they are actually not.

On our 1st resort visit we were charged a parking daily fee. We were told that maintenance fees don’t cover parking lots. On a presentation we attended we were not impressed with offers, owner treatment and resorts. The sales person yelled at us telling us that we should come to the resort and waste her time by not wanting to buy points to go up to the silver level. We emailed he DRI owner, he called our house told him how we had been demeaned and yelled at. He said he was going to make it up to us and to expect a call from his assistant but that never happened.

We a attended a presentation @ mystic dunes in Orlando. We were not impressed at all with that resort, so another salesperson came up to sell us a “sample platter”. We were given a made up pamphlet with resorts that later we came to find out we had not access to. Last year we went to a Caribbean resort and the manager there told us straight up we shouldn’t have been offered nor sold this sampler platter to us, it is only offered/sold to non owners. He said to us, if you think about it, the handful of resorts available for the sampler are already included for owners.

We tried booking 2 weeks in Maui using the sampler using DRI website but booking came up with an error when confirming dates. We called in several times but each time we were told dates are not available even when we were logged in at the time we spoke one of their reservation agents. I forcefully put our foot down and told this reservation rep that we “will” get the dates available on their website. She came back and told us she could only give us one week. We told her that was not a negotiation. 2 weeks were available per their website and told her to “book” that for us without giving us the run around.

DRI president ought to be ashamed of hmself by going on a tv show about bosses, giving 1or 2 of his employees for heir needy families. He better start taking care of the people who are making him filthy rich because so far it’s been a one way street which he is the only one who benefits from his business. Disloyalty, falseness, dishonestly, deception and cheating is their backbone and cornerstone.

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