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I was sent a text by CSpire that said MY data will be limited or cut off because I use too much data. I have been on an unlimited data plan with CSpire for many years. They say my phone is affecting thousands of people, so if I don’t stop streaming music I will be cut off.

The Idiots at CSpire say that unlimited means they can limit data… What? By definition unlimited means without limits. I bought my phone from them, now they say I cannot enjoy all its features.

Here’s the deal… CSpire’s towers and equipment are so antiquated they haven’t updated in years, so their towers become overwhelmed, so they figure they will make people cut down on usage and they won’t have to update into the 21st century. Should my data be restricted or cut off, they have violated my contract and I will shut it off and not pay any shut off fee.

CSpire is the worst phone provider you can sign up with… run the other way!

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