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I received some coupons in the mail a few days ago. At 5:49pm on Saturday, September 6,2014, I called the Casey’s in Savanna Il. to order 2 large pizzas and to us the coupon I have. The coupon is $20 two large single topping pizzas. The guy that was taking my order told me that I could not use the coupon for a pick up call, that it has to be a delivery call only.

The coupon says; (Coupon valid on delivery orders and carry out orders. I told him that I will order from Manny’s since you refuse to let me use the coupon.

A few weeks ago, my Husband and I ordered a pizza to be delivered to the house. We were told it would be her in 45 minutes. We waited for 55minutes and then we called Casey’s to find out what happened to our order. We were told that they left awhile ago and should be there anytime.

We then waited another 15 minutes before they finally arrived. We paid, but was not happy about this at all, a 45 minute order turned out to be 1 hour and 10 minute. Our pizza was cold, very cold.

We decided to never have one deliver again and we would just go and pick it up for now on. We live 4 blocks from Casey’s, which takes us less then 5 minutes to get there. We also needed gas tonight, but till Casey’s can prove to us they want our business, we will go to Savanna Station or Milo and Beaver for our gas. Manny’s for our Pizza’s.

Casey’s General Store – 1604 Chicago Ave Savanna Illinois 61074 815-273-7799

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