Ripped Off And Was Rude And Un Helpful - Casey’s General Store

I put my money in one of their lottery machines, it took the money an gave no tickets. I told the Casey’s worker; she took 20 min to even look, then no one could open it up an give me my money.

Then they tell me whenever they get around to it they would look into it, like i was lying about it. Said for me to leave my address and if they find it they would send it to me.

The amount of money lost is no concern. It’s that no employee was helpful and who knows, that could’ve been my chance at jackpot but all i got was money lost, no ticket. Rude people. And when asked – what about my hard earned money?, their answer is ‘sorry’, and if i remember, or get a chance, and if you’re telling the truth. I hope that they’re honest enough to send it to me. If he did still take a week or more to get it to me, it shows how much a customer means.

I work construction so we stop there all the time when pass through, but not any more. Now, it does not matter to Caseys but all my fellow workers are with me an we’re going to stop using any Casey’s. We drive 50 miles out of the way. I know it does’nt mean anything to Casey’s – they aren’t going under ’cause we stop using them, but it will help me feel better.

Casey’s General Store – Charleston, IL

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