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Well let me tell you about my experience. It all started when i signed a 2 year contract with this bogus company. My first phone i had with them stayed turning on and off. So me listening to the lies they tell about valuing their customers called and complained.

What did they do? I will tell you what they did. They sent me another phone with the same problems and more problems.

I called three more times and constantly this bogus company kept sending me refurbished phones. So I thought maybe the phone is no good so I upgraded to the galaxy 3 like a dummy. Don’t get me wrong the Galaxy 3 is nice but not with C-spire as the provider.

Today I tried to file a warranty claim because my phone wont work at all. It completely blanked off. It will not charge or nothing. It has been doing that since February. The representative was very rude she was just disrespecting me as a customer being unprofessional. Instead of flying of the handle on her like she did me, I simply said let me speak to your supervisor because you don’t have power anyway. She had the audacity to tell me she already discussed it with her supervisor. I told her I do not believe I asked you that but you can kindly direct me to her line. So she said yeah with an attitude.

So I got on the line with the supervisor and she said we can not do anything until you pay the bill and I told her i refuse to pay the bill for a phone I have not been able to use. All I have to say is they are rude and liars.

Do not trust them. I would not recommend this bogus establishment to my enemy. C-spire is a false advertisement they do not value you as a customer they just value the money you pay.

P.S my bill was supposed to be $65 a month but i pay $81 every month.

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